Artistic Production Company

“Imagination has no limits but has a destiny and production process where creativity, experience and perseverance merges”.

The perfect Seven we are an international Artistic Production Company.

We offer a wide variety of stand-out artistic proposals that will make your event memorable. From dance, Acrobatics, Audiovisual Effects, Music shows to visual performances, we transform any creative idea into reality.

We have developed artistic productions for big brands and companies both in the country and abroad.



We produce experiences and take emotions to another level. We are innovation at every moment, every second.



We love what we do. We share our passion with people who live it and feel it just like us.



Any destination, our language knows no borders. The world is our stage


We have different shows and themes for large and smaller events.
We design and produce every detail both in the creative and in the production process:

  • We produce Audiovisual material, scenographies, Audiovisual effects, costumes and characterizations.
  • Artistic direction of shows (dance, music and acrobatics).
  • Design and manufacture of costumes for characterizations and shows.
  • Make Up, Body Paint & Hairstyle.
  • Design and scene building.
  • Choreographies.


We present to you the THE PERFECT SEVEN team.
Committed professionals, each with their own vision that helps provide to provide quality and excellence. Successes is only possible thanks to them.

Paola Flores Lalinde

Founding Partner and Creative Director

“When you have passion for what you do you reach the end of the world”

Federico Céspedes Acosta

Partner and Production Director

“Love events because people will never forget how you made them feel”

Mary Ryan

Director of International Projects

“It’s not about ideas, but making them come true”

Alexander Flores Lalinde

Project Director

“I like challenges, the more difficult the better”

Gilberto Flores Arias

Director of Public and International Relations

“Your purpose and your plan can be modified, the important thing is that you always have an objective in mind”

Our Artists

We show the heart of our company: The artists and the team that make up this dream, who make the ideas posible.


Aerial Dance
Plastic artits
Body painting
Artistic gymnastics


We develop ideas and create entertainment shows for Brand Events, Product launches, Themed parties, end of the year parties, Inaugurations, fashion shows, Awards, conventions, incentives, social events and concerts.

For more information contact us at

Themed Parties
    • We develop a series of shows with different themes.
      Some shows that we offer:
    • Vintage Circus
    • Innova (futuristic show)
    • Night Glow
    • Oriental Essence
    • Tropical Glam
    • Tribal Mistic
    • Christmas
Shows and Performance
  • We present a great variety of shows with lots of animation, dynamics and visual impact.

    Some of the shows we offer:

    • Alive!
    • Innova (futuristic show)
    • Mistik Neón Show (Tribal)
    • The Garage Crashers
Musical shows
  • We offer musical formats fused with audiovisual elements, art and dance. They are very dynamic shows with great interaction and energy
    For more information:

Percussionist Shows
  • We offer Electronic dance show with percussionists playing and dancing to the beat of music with led light drums (Electrodrums) and we also offer Water splash drums. The perfect combination of light, water and percussion. They will make you have an experience full of color and energy.

Dance shows
  • We have several dance shows of different styles and rhythms and aerial dance.

    For more information:

Custom shows
  • We make the ideas of our clients a reality. We customize the shows to the needs of the clients, space and budget.


In this section will show information about our upcoming events and artists.